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We Build Careers

Career at PCP is rewarding...What makes PCP one of the most promising Engineering & Contracting companies in India?

It's the people!

At PCP, our people are the foundation of our business.

We're not only building careers for our people, we're building their futures. We value our people and the contributions they make to PCP. We encourage and promote our core values, strive to develop every employee's leadership potential, create a culture in which teaching and learning becomes a strategic advantage, offer superior rewards, incentives and recognition for superior performance, and attract, nurture and retain extraordinary talent. Our people can draw on PCP's substantial resources for training, expertise and support, with opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

We actively recruit the best and the brightest construction professionals in the industry. PCP's staff includes a high percentage of engineers and construction management graduates who provide practical solutions and innovative ideas for more cost-effective construction.

We're looking for experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated people who want to build their futures and their careers at PCP.

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