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Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Power and Process Plants

With the upcoming of more and more power and process plants, the requirement for their maintenance and rehabilitation arose which was to be met in order to maintain their smooth and in-interrupted running. PCP International Limited created specialized maintenance group to cater this need.

Today from power sector to process plant, PCP International Limited is there to meet the regular and periodical maintenance which now have become one of the specialization of the company.

With the change of technology and continuous need of upgradation in Rehabilitation of Process and Power plants PCP took ahead the challenge and have since grown as master Rehabilitators both in India and overseas.


Steam Generators
    - Pressure parts
    - Hot & Cold air ducts and coal piping
    - Rotating equipments
    - Pumps/Piping and valves

Steam/Hydro/Gas Turbine & Generator
Gas Turbine
Waste Heat recovery boiler
Chemical cleaning of boiler

Major Projects under Maintenance

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